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Are you ready to manage your own servers, extend your programming and scripting skills maybe? Here are some sites/groups you'll want to know about:

JUST ADDED: Artifact...if you're serious about programming.
Using the Artifact Desktop you can easily locate developers within the network who have the expertise needed to assist you with your project. When the appropriate expert is located, the Artifact Desktop provides instant messaging and chat functionality for real-time communication.

  • Mac OS Server—Hey, the US Army has switched to Apple webservers ... maybe you need to find out what's so great about the super-security of an Apple Server.
  • MSDN (Microsoft Developer’s Network)—Get the latest information straight from the horse’s mouth.
  • Windows Platform Development—This Microsoft site focuses on the creation of software for Windows. It has resources, drivers, specifications, and more.
  • VB Wire—"Visual Basic news and information source." This actively maintained site offers all the latest about VB advancements and deployments.
  • .NET Zone—From devX, this site has discussions, how-to’s, and download links. The same people offer ASP Zone and XML Zone with similar types of content.
  • C# Corner—This site includes user-submitted articles, links, and news.

Pay Attention

We all need to stay abreast of who our potential visitors are. Pew Internet Research conducted a survey recently defining "religion surfers". Check out their report and consider what it means to the type of content and navigation you put on your site.

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