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BEGINNING WEBSTERS (short for web ministers)

Are you preparing to create your first website? Then this is the place for you.

Web pages are created with a simple coding language called HTML. If you're using a Windows PC, then download Teach Me Html to learn the basics. And here's an excellent online tutorial. It's also available in Spanish! Or...check out these possibilities.

Before you can finish a website you need a place to host your site. Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide space for a website along with Internet connectivity. (Holston Conference Churches/Agencies See This Page for FREE hosting.)

UM Churches can also get free Web server space @ GBGM.

Check out this free hosting comparison chart. Once you have the server to store your pages, you need to get your HTML pages off your computer and onto your Web space. Html editing programs like Adobe Go Live and Dreamweaver offer easy, built-in ways to upload your files, but if you're storing your site with an ISP, you can use programs such as CuteFTP (Windows) or Fetch (Mac) to get your pages on the server.

We all need to stay abreast of who our potential visitors are. Pew Internet Research conducted a survey recently defining "religion surfers". Check out their report and consider what it means to the type of content and navigation you put on your site.

Stay on the
Circuit Ride and we'll help you improve your skills!

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If you're in the Holston Conference and you're ready to setup your website.

Is This You?

I've just inherited a website and have no idea how to access it to make changes??!!
Help is coming soon...so come back.

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