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So you're hooked on web design and you let someone in your church know about it...so what do you do now? If you've just inherited a site that needs a boost...this is the place to expand your skills and improve that 1990s website.

Great Free Stuff ... But Is this stuff Really Free??

There is a wealth of free scripting available to you. Dive in and get your feet wet with these sites...you'll be learning how to make your site more dynamic before you know it! But you'll want to send the requested (very low) price that most of these programmers are asking, so they'll keep making more.

Background music

We don't recommend this...it's more annoying than you realize. But here's a way to accomplish it for best compatibility with the most browsers:
<embed SRC="mysound.wav" HIDDEN="True"><bgsound SRC="mysound.wav"></embed>
(other EMBED attributes which may be useful are: AUTOPLAY=[true/false] and LOOP=[true/false].)


For more control over how users experience your site, try learning about stylesheets. Creating your own version of an expanding/collapsing dHTML toolbar is another way to liven things up. Check out apycom.com.

It's All in the Script

Learn something about Perl, also know as "cgi-scripting". Check out this tutorial.

Pay Attention

We all need to stay abreast of who our potential visitors are. Pew Internet Research conducted a survey recently defining "religion surfers". Check out their report and consider what it means to the type of content and navigation you put on your site.

Stay on the Circuit Ride and we'll help you ramp up!

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