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April 07, 2006

Under the Age of 35

The Holston Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church is first among all annual conferences with clergy under the age of 35. We are indebted to the founders of Resurrection and Camp Discovery and to those who have continued to carry on this tradition. If we add to that the growing event for Young Adults, Divine Rhythm, we may continue to lead in this category for years to come. We are leading other annual conferences but our percentage is around 11% and we need to keep pushing to improve that. If we are to lift high the Cross and extend the reach of the Kingdom of God then we need to continue to call forth young women and men into the ministry.

One of the ways churches can help us is by helping young men and women to hear and respond to this call. Parents can be helpful by supporting their children when they express an interest in pursuing a call to ministry. Pastors can be helpful by insisting that youth are included in leadership roles in worship, administration and ministry teams. It is important that we send a clear and loud signal that in Holston young people are wanted, welcome, and will be set free to be used by God.

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