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July 04, 2006

New Start

Many pastors within the United Methodist Church will be moving to new appointments this summer. In fact, most of the moves have already occurred.

I realize that change brings with it a certain amount of anxiety. Yet, it is my hope that most, if not all, will see this as an opportunity for a new start. Regardless of whether or not your last appointment was filled with joy and a sense of effectiveness or a place filled with a sense of disappointment or struggle, I hope you will not take negative feelings or seek to impose the situation you just left on this new church.

This is an opportunity to produce like never before and not have the baggage of the last appointment weighing you down. Work on new ways of encountering people, new ways to give leadership, new ways to preach and new ways to teach.

If your appointments have been a series of disappointments, before placing blame on others take a look – an honest look – at yourself and see if the needed change might be in you. A new place, fresh faces, new opportunities offer us a chance to be renewed. Please don't pass it up.

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