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November 29, 2006

Give It to Them Will

The Highlands United Methodist Church in Birmingham decided to take the call of Jesus to feed the hungry seriously and it appears that they were slammed by some of their neighbors and the newspaper in Birmingham for doing this.

This is a statement that Bishop William Willimon gave in response to the criticism. "The problem is not that Highlands United Methodist Church offers food to homeless people. The problem is that we live in a state where more than 15 percent of our neighbors are living below the poverty line. The problem is that 23 percent of Alabama's children live in poverty," wrote the bishop.

A BIG HIGH FIVE goes out to Bishop Willimon for this statement. Give it to them Will.

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November 01, 2006

Opening Community Worship

Today, we the Council of Bishops, had our Opening Community Worship. It was a spirit-filled time with tremendous singing from the several choirs of the Central Conference of Mozambique.

The President of Mozambique welcomed us and thanked the United Methodist Church for preaching and teaching a gospel that helped the people of Mozambique and the rest of the world know that they are God's people. He spoke of Medical facilities, schools, and other social action agencies that were financed and staffed by missionaries and others who treated them as equals and how this helps the corporate and individual self-esteem of this country.

We were also welcomed by Bishop Machado the host bishop who celebrated that this was the first meeting of the United Methodist Council of Bishops ever outside the United States. He also told us that in the Portuguese language there is no word for a female bishop and therefore us United Methodists we were adding new words to the Portuguese language.

I am so proud of our work here in Mozambique and all of Africa and glad that I am a part of a church that helps to lift the burdens of sin and poverty. The dual message of personal piety and social holiness of the Wesleyan message was on display here today.

Praise God through Jesus Christ for his liberating power.

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