How Holston's Growing Churches Employ Technology - Part 2

(Part 1) statistics on general technology use.

We continue this report on technology/Internet use among our conference's growing churches. Dr. Brian Burch completed his dissertation this past year with a focus on technology/Internet use in Holston. 85.7% of our highest growth churches responded to his survey.

Over the next several weeks, Wednesday on the Web will continue to introduce findings from Dr. Burch's research. What do these statistics mean for your outreach to potential members?

This week covers local area demographics that correspond to these high growth churches. It is important to note that these are not all high population areas.

How much money per year does your church budget for Web ministries?

55.0%  Zero
12.2%  Less then $100
19.1%  $101 to $500
2.3%  $501 to $750
12.2%  More than $750

Currently, about 48% of adults in the Holston area have Internet access. Can you estimate how your congregation compares to this average?

6.9%  Significantly less than average
16.0%  Less than average
39.7%  Average
25.2%  Slightly above average
12.2%  Significantly above average

Currently, the median age in the Holston area is 37 years old. Will you estimate how your congregation compares to this average?

1.5%  Significantly less than average
7.7%  Less than average
33.8%  Average
40.8%  Slightly above average
16.2%  Significantly above average

Currently, the average household income for the Holston area is $41,000. Will you estimate how your congregation compares to this average?

9.8% Significantly less than average
22.0%  Less than average
34.8%  Average
24.2%  Slightly above average
9.1%  Significantly above average

Currently, about 20 percent of persons over 25 years old in our region have a Bachelors degree. Will you estimate how your congregation compares to this average?

14.4% Significantly less than average
16.7%  Less than average
27.3%  Average
28.8%  Slightly above average
12.9%  Significantly above average

What is the population of the city or community where your church is located?

10.9%  Less than 1,000
24.8%  Between 1,000 and 5,000
25.6%  Between 5,000 and 25,000
17.1%  Between 25,000 and 50,000
21.7%  Over 50,000

Next time we'll look at senior pastor demographics for our growing churches.

Dr. Burch is pastor of Rural Retreat UMC and Mt Olive UMC in the Wytheville District.


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