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Major Miracle

Over and again the news media reported the rescue of the trapped coal diggers as the "miner miracle." Collectively, we wept joyous tears as each man was lifted from the dark abyss. Though it was named a "miner miracle" it was certainly more than a "minor" miracle. It was major! The miners were saved from the clutches of death's jaws.

Life is awash with mystery and miracle. It surrounds us. Breathes within us. Sustains us. Human existence overwhelms us with wonder. Creation is ablaze with glory and beauty. Miracles are stacked upon miracles upon miracles. There is nothing minor about the incomprehensible miracle of the universe.

What's astonishing is that we are intrigued with the "miner miracle," yet we neglect to revel in the miracle gift of life given us each day. Could it be that suffering and disaster often awaken an urgent sense of our need for God's help? And isn't it strange that our blessings often separate us from a sense of need? In good times we assume an attitude of non-expectancy. Life, love, liberty, health, forgiveness, transformation, healing, hope, friends, productivity, companionship, acceptance, and grace are treated as entitlements. In the absence of awe and gratitude, we drift from our Creator – until tragedy occurs.

It seems we need a natural disaster, national tragedy or personal grief to remind us of the miracles we take for granted. I suppose that was what Paul was getting at in Romans 8 when he alluded that suffering does not separate us from God. Quite the contrary, it is in our bliss that we fail to draw near to God. An authentic expression of Christian maturity is recognizing and being drawn to God through the miracles blessing us each day of our lives.

Yes, we are surrounded and sustained by major miracles every day!


Bishop Ray W. Chamberlain
Resident Bishop

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